About Us

In 1886, the Ohio Legislature passed an act establishing the Soldiers Relief Commission. Each of the 88 counties in Ohio has a board of five honorably discharged veterans appointed to administer veteran programs in their respective county. Operating expenses are provided through county real estate taxes. In 1986, the Soldiers Relief Commission was renamed the Veterans Service Commission.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Veterans Service Commission is to continue to provide direct and indirect financial assistance and other benefits to veterans and their dependents who have met with an unexpected hardship resulting from illness, injury, or loss of employment, and meet eligibility requirements. The Commission has established outreach programs with other county, state and federal agencies to assist veterans and their dependents with employment and training for employment, so they have all of the tools needed to re-enter the work force and not be dependent on this Commission for assistance. This Commission also assists in initiating claims for benefits, obtaining documents to substantiate proof for these benefits, provides free graves and funerals for honorably discharged indigent veterans, and procures grave markers for veterans.


Huron County Veteran Service Commission


Jerry Huffman - President
 Disabled American Veterans

Jim Rufener
The Marine Corps League

Mindy Soisson-Calhoun
The American Legion

Thomas Price
Veterans Of Foreign Wars

Stephen Oblender




Huron County Veteran Service Office Personel 


Matthew Raymond

Executive Director, County Veteran Service Officer

Robert F. Ward

County Veteran Service Officer


Shawn P.T. Daley

Benefits Councelor

Bonnie Gfell